I live an exciting life every day in Tokyo, because Tokyo is always a place to meet new things.  In Tokyo, all fun things and delicious things in Japan are gathered.  In such an exciting place Tokyo, please try experiencing as if you lived in Tokyo. My room is coordinated with colors of the sky, the sea, and young leaves. The room has two windows with good views, and bright and refreshing winds pass through them.  The interior is mature, giving a quiet impression. However, if you look closely, playfulness is hidden everywhere in reality.



■構 造:鉄筋コンクリート造5階建
■交 通:
京浜急行線 京急蒲田駅 徒歩10分/京急空港線 糀谷駅 徒歩9分
■案 内:
チェックイン15:00 チェックアウト10:00
■設 備:
■備 品:


■ Location: 1-9-11 Nishi-Koujiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo
■ Structure: Reinforced concrete 5 stories
■ Transportation:
Keihin Kyuko Line   Kekyu Kamata Station 10 Minutes Walk / Keikyu Airport Line  Koujiya Station 9 Minutes Walk
■ Under planning:
Check in 15:00 Check out 10:00
■ Equipment:
Wireless LAN, Portable FIFI, Kitchen, Refrigerator, 2-way gas stove (Pot, Frying Pan, Kettle), Microwave, Cleaning Tool, Shower Toilet, Washbasin, Bathroom Dryer, Bathtub, Hair Dryer,Flooring, Closet, Air Conditioner / Heating,
Dryer, Television, Table, Chair, W Bed (2), Futon, Pillow, Cushion, Balcony (2)
Face Towel, Bath Towel, Toilet Paper, Tissue, Bath Mat, Sheet, Pillow Cover, Futon Cover, Body Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Detergent, Fabless, Softener, Dishware, Cooker, Hanger, Shoe Bellows