この度は、RELISH HOUSE TOKYO KAMATA をご利用いただき、誠にありがとうございます。
Thank you very much for using RELISH HOUSE TOKYO KAMATA this time.

In this corner, useful information will be posted so that your stay will be fun and meaningful.

Though information is still few, we will gradually increase information, so thank you.

First of all, there are travel information pamphlets for each language, so please take a look. We prepared some of the same thing in the room in writing, so please use by all means.



■ 蒲田バージョン(日本語)

■ 蒲田バージョン(英語)

■ 蒲田バージョン(中国語・簡単字)

■ 蒲田バージョン(中国語・繁体字)

■ 蒲田バージョン(韓国語)



■ 大田区観光ガイドブック(日本語)

■ 大田区観光ガイドブック(英語)

■ 大田区観光ガイドブック(中国語・簡単字)

■ 大田区観光ガイドブック(中国語・繁体字)

■ 大田区観光ガイドブック(韓国語)



■ 大田区観光ガイドマップ(日本語)

■ 大田区観光ガイドマップ(英語)

■ 大田区観光ガイドマップ(中国語・簡単字)

■ 大田区観光ガイドマップ(中国語・繁体字)

■ 大田区観光ガイドマップ(韓国語)




I think that it was seen in the room, but this is a message board. This message board has posted what I want you to experience by all means.



This picture is a view from the east side window. It looks like a sunset mistake, but it is actually a sunrise. Please get up early and please take a picture of your memories by all means.


Because of the corner room there are windows in two directions in the room, and when you see the night view from the window on the north side, there is something like a steel tower that glows small yellow. It seems to be Tokyo Tower. Please do find it.


It is the view from the east side window. Although it can not be seen in the picture … I can see the plane leaving and departing from Haneda Airport far away. Please feel at ease while feeling a pleasant breeze.


Do not you think that it resembles Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto which is very popular with foreign tourists? Actually, Anamori-Inari Shrine, it’s close from here. →Detailed Information



東京の街なのに・・なんと天然温泉の露天風呂を楽しむことができます。ここから歩いて数分のとことに、幸の湯という銭湯があり、ぜひ、行ってみてください。 泉質は、『ナトリウム・カルシウム・マグネシウム-塩化物冷鉱泉』となっています。成分は、伊豆・熱海の温泉と似ている塩化物冷鉱泉だそうです。→ 詳細な情報(各国語)
Even though it is a city in Tokyo, you can enjoy a natural hot spring outdoor bath. There is a public bath called Sachinoyu, a few minutes on foot from here, so please go there. The spring quality is “sodium · calcium · magnesium – chloride cold spa”. It seems that the ingredients are chloride cold spa resembling Izu · Atami hot spring. → Detailed information (national language)


Please try walking around here. There is Shikugawa nearby, I like that place … I can see a peaceful downtown landscape with a nice touch.


Please go to the super market of Maruetsu Nishigaya store near here. What kind of things Japanese people are eating … You can feel the everyday life of Japanese people through food.


There is a 7-Eleven convenience store in the neighborhood, it is very convenient. If you need something, why do not you try using it.