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①The Nearest Station
②Haneda Airport

Access from the Nearest Station

Relish House Tokyo Kamataの最寄り駅は、京急蒲田で歩いて10分。
Keikyu Kamata is the nearest station to Relish House Tokyo Kamata. It takes about 10 minutes from the station to Relish House.

Since there is an elevator at this station, it is safe even for you having big luggage.

I took a videoI of the road from Keikyu Kamata Station to Relish House.

Relish House Tokyo Kamataは、おしゃれでひと際目立つ建物。
Relish House Tokyo Kamata is outstanding, modern building.


It is about 10-minute, good route from Keikyu Kamata.





Access from Haneda Airport

Keikyu Train Airport Express 京急空港線:

Haneda Airport International Terminal → 7Minutes → Keikyu Kamata

羽田空港国際線ターミナル駅 → 7分 → 京急蒲田駅

Haneda Airport Domestic  → 11Minutes → Keikyu Kamata

羽田空港国内線ターミナル駅 → 11分 → 京急蒲田駅


The last train at Keikyu Airport is 0:20 on weekdays and 0:00 on Saturday so even if you arrive late at night you can check in on that day.

Please check the latest information on the homepage.

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